Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj Gupta


Pankaj cleared his Chartered Accountant in India in 2011 and began his professional journey by self-practicing at his CA firm. Later, he moved to Australia in 2019 and joined CPA. As a member of (this company), Pankaj is an invaluable asset,proficient in Tax Planning and Compliances related to International Tax and Business Tax. With a sound experience and knowledge in Financial Management and Tax Accounting, hekeeps an eye on even the minutest details. An excellent team player, Pankaj likes working on his own rules and enjoys independence. He doesn’t like peer pressure but will go beyond expectations to achieve financial and overall growth for the company.

Besides having abundant knowledge in Financial Management and Tax Accounting, he emphasizes acquiring as much knowledge as possible. He enjoys researching, executing, and making things happen around. This driving force compels him to be a bad cop for clients, as perfection is what he seeks. He is an indispensable asset in achieving a goal with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

But that’s not all. Pankaj isn’t a person who passes his leisurely time sitting at home. Instead, he would go for a long drive or play a sport. Pankaj enjoys playing Table Tennis, Pickle Ball, and Lawn Tennis. He relishes cultural exchanges and exploring new places.

As a Tax Agent, he is vastly knowledgeable about the main accounting methods, along with the tax planning ability for high-net-worth clients. And as a Business Advisor, Manpreet provides expert advice to streamline and optimize the business’ efficiency.
‘The world is dynamically evolving, and so are the consumers’ expectations. Delivering high-quality services and exceeding our client’s expectations is quintessential. Developing relationships with existing and new clients whilst identifying potential opportunities for them is a top priority. Identifying and implementing the latest technologies for optimum safety and security have largely been our forte. For the short-term goal, I strive to make this company rank in the top 100 accounting firms in Australia by 2025.’