Manpreet Singh

Managing Partner

Manpreet founded (the company) in 2012, intending to deliver robust financial and accounting solutions to businesses of various scales. In Manpreet’s 15 years of experience as an accounting professional, he has honed multiple skill sets in all aspects of Accounting, Tax, and Business advisory. Manpreet specializes in identifying problems and concerns that hinder business growth and work closely with the business owners to deliver the appropriate solution and strategy to resolve the issues.
As a Tax Agent, he is vastly knowledgeable about the main accounting methods, along with the tax planning ability for high-net-worth clients. And as a Business Advisor, Manpreet provides expert advice to streamline and optimize the business’ efficiency.
‘The world is dynamically evolving, and so are the consumers’ expectations. Delivering high-quality services and exceeding our client’s expectations is quintessential. Developing relationships with existing and new clients whilst identifying potential opportunities for them is a top priority. Identifying and implementing the latest technologies for optimum safety and security have largely been our forte. For the short-term goal, I strive to make this company rank in the top 100 accounting firms in Australia by 2025.’
Manpreet’s strategic advice and creative solutions for even the most complex problems are impressionable. And his superior communication abilities make him invaluable. As active as he is in sports, trekking, and travelling, his love for food can’t go unnoticed. He just loves brunches & lunches, and don’t be surprised if you hear him saying, “I am the connoisseur of food.”