4 Payroll Mistakes and How To Fix Them

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Becoming an employer is not an easy task by any means. Managing people, duties, and finances is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be strong-headed to make relevant decisions.

One of the major responsibilities you would have as an employer is that of the payroll, which compensates your employees for the effort they’ve applied to your ventures. Payroll calculation can be complicated, so many prefer to hire accountants for the job.

If you’re looking to do this on your own, we have listed some payroll mistakes you may come across and how you can avoid them.

Payroll Mistakes and How to Fix Them

1.     Misclassifying Employees

When you’re employing people, one of the first things you must do is decide your relationship with them. Business relationships are very similar to regular relationships, where you want to ensure that you understand the employment terms and conditions so that you may compensate your employees in all the necessary ways.

For example, if you’re running a business, you can classify your workers as full-time, part-time, or freelance. The benefits and the compensations provided to these employees will differ per category. A common mistake employers make is not understanding which employees are exempt from taxes and which are.

A careful review of your information on your employees is essential for HR services. One simple fix you can make is by checking the employee details filled out and whether they work full-time or on a contract basis.

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2.     Delay or Inconsistency with Salaries

Businesses can be unpredictable sometimes, but you must pay your employees on time. If you fail to do this, you may find that your employees aren’t quite as invested in performing their jobs well. Employees need the motivation to get them through their work; the primary motivator in a company is the money they get. Thus, any delay or inconsistency with salaries can result in many of your employees decided to quit quietly.

The Fair Work Act 2009 requires Australian employers to pay their employees to pay their workers in a month for monthly payments. You don’t want a lawsuit on your hands, so paying your workers monthly is essential. The way to prevent delays is by automating your payments or hiring accountants to make minute changes to the payroll as the month rolls in.

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Calculating the payroll

3.     Not Keeping the Proper Records

Running a company requires you to remain on top of your documentation. Employees’ data is in your files for a reason, and losing it would be a shame. You can never be too thorough with payroll changes, and it gets more difficult to compensate for any issues after the payroll is generated.

If you don’t follow the proper procedure for keeping payroll documents up to date, you’re likelier to face inconsistency, inefficiency, and confusion within your company. The employees’ morale is also going to come down.

Depending on the state, the government requires you to keep the payroll records for up to three years to be brandished at any point. As an employer, you must also be responsible for tracking payroll-related emails.

Hire the proper accounting services and human resource professionals to help you track your records better. There are also many digital softwares available that help with record keeping.

4.     Not Sending Out Tax Forms

The end of the year is when most people do their taxes. It can be a particularly stressful time for payroll accountants and professionals because they have to compile all sorts of information regarding employees. As an employer, you want to ensure that HR services have sent out the tax forms to your employees before the date that compilation needs to happen. If you don’t do this, you may find getting the right information increasingly difficult. Many employees may also feel annoyed if their final tax documents don’t reflect the right amounts paid throughout the year.

An easy fix to this is by setting up a reminder to get in forms well before the end of the year. It allows you to stay on time and limit the overwhelm of the final payroll.

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